Corporate Mission

To be the technology leader of micro precision components through continuous research and development.

To offer engineering solutions and create value for strategic customers globally.


Dufu will achieve this mission through the following business strategies:

Product diversification and customer base expansion

Process technology advancement

Strategic alliance in technological advancement

Dufu Group Safety and Health Policy

The Company is fully committed in the safety and health of all employees and visitors, and shall:

Drive to promote safety and health programs and practices at every opportunity to ensure compliance with regulation and other applicable requirement.

Undertake to ensure our plant, equipments and system of work are safe and without risks to health.

Foster a safe and healthy working environment through training, consultation, communication and active participation by all levels of employees.

Uphold the company’s safety and health policy through continuous monitoring of our safety awareness and performances.

Dufu Group’s Environmental Management and System Policy

We, at Dufu Industries Sdn Bhd and IPG Metal Industry (M) Sdn Bhd are fully committed to the greener environmental protection in related to operational activities through continual improvement of PDCA cycle in effective environmental management system (EMS) through:

• Compliance with relevant Malaysian environmental, health and safety legal and other requirements.
• Preserve, conserve energy utilization, minimize waste of resources, and ensure our work environment is free from pollution and recognized hazards.
• Ensure suitability and effective implementation of the environmental management program through periodic management review of the policy, objectives and targets.
• To communicate to all employees and ensure adequacy in environmental awareness, skill, knowledge and competency.
• Shall communicate and promote awareness to our customers and suppliers and available to the public upon request.