An Overview

Principal Activities

Dufu Technology Corp. Berhad (581612-A)(“DUFU”) is principally involved in investment holding.

Incorporated in Malaysia. Wholly-owned.

Dufu Industries Sdn. Bhd. (165467-T)

Design, development, manufacture, assembly and trade of die components and precision machining of vice, computer peripherals and parts for hard disk drive.

Incorporated in People’s Republic of China (PRC). Wholly-owned.

Futron Technology Co. Ltd (440122400000848)

Manufacturing and trading of optics and magnetism driver and parts.

Incorporated in Malaysia. Wholly-owned.

Dufusion Sdn Bhd (948150-U)

Design, research and development, manufacture, assembly and trading of medical components for orthopaedics.

Incorporated in Malaysia. 75% ownership interest.

Dufu Metal Sdn Bhd (1283958-A)

Manufacturing of high precision engineering parts, module assembly and metal fabrication parts for semiconductor, electronics, industrial automation industries, etc.

Incorporated in Singapore. Wholly-owned.

Dufu Industries Services Pte. Ltd (200204589D)

Processing and trading of high quality computer disk-drive related components.

*A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Dufu Industries Sdn Bhd