In order to improve production efficiencies and quality consistency, the Group’s Engineering Team continuously performs process engineering and process development activities.


Process Engineering Activities

This is one of the critical success factors for the Group, as a capable process will enable smooth production ramp ups, which in turn support the customer to achieve faster time-to-volume and time-to-market. The strength and ability to response to aggressive production ramp ups over the years have helped immensely in building the customers’ confidence and retain the Group as a business partner for future product developments.

The focus for the Group is to:

• Improve process cycle time
• Improve process capability

Process Development Activities

Process development activities are crucial for the Group to remain competitive in the industry and maintain its profitability. The process development has enabled the Group to provide cost effective solutions and preserve the long term business relationships with customers.

Our process development activities include:

• Joint product development with customers
• Developing cost effective solutions
• Developing process automation

Product Technical Support